The New Key to an Ancient Enigma
 by Anthony Johnson:
THAMES & HUDSON ISBN 978-0-500-05155-9
      61/2" x 91/2" · 139 illustrations, 35 in colour · 288 pages ·  
                     reconstruction of stonehenge

Chapter 1:    Landscape and Opportunity 

Chapter 2:    Changing Interpretations of Stonehenge Myth, Legend and the Early Antiquarians 

Chapter 3:    Fieldwork Excavation and Speculation 

Chapter 4:    The Early Period: the Archaeology of the Earth and Timber Monument

Chapter 5:    The Archaeology of the Stone Monument 

Chapter 6:    Astronomy or Architecture?

Chapter 7:    The Prehistoric Surveyors 

Chapter 8:    The Geometry of the Early Monument 

Chapter 9:    The Geometry of the Sarsen Circle and Horseshoe

Chapter 10:  Conclusion: Reassessing Stonehenge

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solving stonehenge book jacket 

 portrait of John Wood

John Wood, the architect of Bath
who surveyed Stonehenge in 1740,
before several major stones fell.
making his meticulous plan the most
important record of Stonehenge ever made.

(Click the portrait to see a detail of his survey



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