STONEHENGE information on special access:  from the the 'Solving Stonehenge' webpages

For information on special access inside the Stone Circle see below:

Please note that special access is limited, open to no more than groups of 20 or so, and outside normal hours. Visits are either early mornings or evenings, and not every day (the English Heritage Website has details). As you will be visiting outside hours the visitor shop will be closed, if you would like a copy of 'Solving Stonehenge' the nearest book local store is the Cross Keys Bookshop in Salisbury:  tel. 01722 326131 or ask your tour guide (Pat) below.

It is well worth making the effort to go inside the Circle, especially if you are travelling from abroad, and it may be your only opportunity. You may hear people who have only walked around the rope barrier at a distance describe Stonehenge as ‘a pile of rocks in a field’, that's their preception on viewing it at a distance - but nothing could be further from the truth. It is only when you get close to the stones the true and awesome scale of the structure becomes apparent. If you have read ‘Solving Stonehenge’, with the aid of its many plans and illustrations, the extraordinary achievement of the prehistoric builders in designing and setting out the massive structure to an accuracy of just a few centimetres will astonish you.

It is remarkable, and quite apparent from reading numerous web pages, that of the almost one million visitors a year many will leave knowing little more than when they arrived. A copy of ‘Solving Stonehenge’ and a special access visit  will make the most of what may be a once in a lifetime experience.

"visiting Stonehenge without  first reading 'Solving Stonehenge' is a wasted journey, some travel half way round the world to see this remarkable structure - and leave without discovering  its true history, or the significance of its design."

 Arrange a special access visit yourself, you can apply directly to English Heritage:      Click  Here
 Arrange a special access visit with a knowledgeable local guide. *                            Click  Here


   Sunset at the "Winter Solstice

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